Reservations activation

Hello Folks !

The link to book a bed in our dorms will be activated on August 20 at 16:00
(Belgian time)
You'll then have the possibility to book up to 3 nights in our dorms between the 10th and the 22nd of September.
See you soon !

The kot Erasmus team ❤


Housing infos

Hello dear Erasmus students!

Here is a text that answer most of the questions we usually receive :

First, the easiest way to have a contract for one semester only is living in an UCL kot. Even thought they're currently full (even on the waiting list), new rooms will be available at the beginning of September (some Belgian students change their mind and finally don't study in LLN). We do not guarantee that there will be room for everybody but just keep in mind that this option isn't dead yet.

Secondly, for private kots, most of the owners are looking for 10 months or 12 months contracts. Since they still have a month to find tenants, they're currently expecting Belgian "latecomers" or exchange students coming in LLN for an entire academic year. You will thus have more chances to find a private kot later.
Moreover, trying to make a one-year-tenancy deal with students coming during the second semester will be pretty difficult since the vast majority of them won't be on our Facebook group before December.

Finally, and once again this is no guarantee, this is not such a big deal if you do not find any accommodation before your arrival in Belgium. This is of course better and safer if you have one but quite a few students arrived here last year without a place to live and they all eventually managed to find one after a few days.

We hope this will help you in your housing research.

The Kot Erasmus Team.


New Facebook group

Hello !
We just created a new group for the exchange students of Louvain-la-Neuve during 2017-2018 :
Erasmus UCL Louvain-la-Neuve 2017/2018 [OFFICIAL]
Feel free to join :)

The kot Erasmus Team



NOTE: Unfortunately I won't be available from March 29th to April 20th!

Hi Erasmus students as well as any Belgian students that might be interested! My name is Marco and this is my second year living in Kot Erasmus. During my time in the Kot I've met a lot Erasmus students that have had difficulties going to/returning from the Brussels Zanventem Airport and the Charleroi Airport.
I would like to offer anyone interested in a ride to or from the following services for the following rates:

*Starting at 2€ for the first 30 minutes but free drop off
**there is no parking fee for less than 15 minutes
Also I'm asking +5€ for trips between 10pm and 8am cause, you know... , I like to sleep or party at this time, so just trying to make it worth it ^_^

These rates are extremely competitive! From Louvain-la-Neuve it costs almost 11 euros to go to Brussels Zanventem by train, and takes one hour, whereas by car this only takes 25 minutes. Going to Charleroi airport isn't even possible solely by train - you have to take a train and a bus which can take X hours. By car it takes about 45 minutes to go to Charleroi from LLN.
You can contact me through Facebook messenger or by Whatsapp/text message at 0478/60.54.42!


New Website!

Hi guys! The new Kot Erasmus Website is finally online! Here we'll publish our news, events and other activities organized by our amazing crew :) Since it's the end of the academic year, we wish you lot of success on your exams and a good holiday! With love, The KE team


team du Q2
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