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What's a kot à projet (kap) ?

A kot à projet (kap) is an association made up of 8 to 12 students, which in addition to live together in a community housing (a kot), are carrying out a project dear to their heart.

The project usually involves organizing activities for other students and the Louvain-la-Neuve residents. Kots à projet specializes in a specific field such as culture, humanitarian issues, welfare, sport, and the protection of the environment. In addition to organizing activities, kots à projet may also provide services or educate other students to their cause. In all cases, they enable the gathering and discussion.

There are now around 130 kots à projet in Belgium, 80 are located on the site of Louvain-la-Neuve, 30 in Woluwe and 15 in Namur. In total, the kap community gathers more than 1,000 students.

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What's Kot Erasmus ?

Kot Erasmus (where 8 Belgian and 10 exchange students live together) welcomes international students (Erasmus, CEMS, Mercator,... ) as they arrive at the Catholic University of Louvain-La- Neuve (UCL) and acts as a resource for them throughout the academic year.

At the beginning of the semester, Kot Erasmus (KE) opens its dorm rooms to international students to stay up to 3 nights while they organize their housing for the semester/year. During this time in the debut of each semester we also organize inexpensive gatherings and dinners to support the exchange program and connect students.

Throughout the semester/year, KE organizes various events to promote friendship, demonstrate Belgian traditions, and just have a good time. In example:

  • Welcome drink
  • Speed friending with Belgian students
  • Activities during the 24h Vélo de Louvain-la-Neuve
  • Theme parties: Halloween, Valentine's Day, Saint Patrick
  • English-French conversation tables
  • Country presentations by natives
  • International dinner
  • Farewell party
Halloween Party
Valentine's day night
Valentine's Day
Saint Patrick
Saint Patrick
International Dinner
International Dinner
Country presentations
Country presentations

If you want to live in Kot Erasmus

With 18 students living at there, Kot Eramus is one of the biggest kot à projets. We try to live as a one big happy "family", which means that we eat dinner together every evening of the week. At the beginning of each semester, the flatmates of the kot are divided in 4 mixed (Belgian + Erasmus) teams. Each team is in charge of a different household job every week (i.e. cooking dinner, washing the common dinner dishes) in order for everyone to take part in the life of the kot. We also do some team building activities like a "rallye chambre" or a weekend trip near the start of each semester.

Thanksgiving dinner
Thanksgiving dinner
Thanksgiving dinner
Rallye Chambre
Noel au KE
Christmas at kot Erasmus
Week-end kot

As you've read before, we organize quite a few activities and parties with the international students in our kot. But we also take part in the "kapiste" life of Louvain-la-Neuve, which means that we regularly invite people from other kaps for an "interkap" dinner and then party with them. You should then be prepared to see your home crowded and noisy some evenings of the week. Actually, Belgian students are pretty strange – we party during the week (at least twice or three times a week) and rest during the weekend ☺.

To conclude, to live in Kot Erasmus, you should be someone who:

  • does NOT need to have a good French level
  • likes life in community and spending time with his/her flatmates
  • likes meeting new people and cultures
  • wants to discover the (really) crazy Belgian student's folklore
  • likes being in an international environment
  • likes sharing his/her own culture (especially typical food ☺)
  • likes organizing events and helping people
  • likes partying with LOTS of people
  • doesn't get crazy if all the dishes are not done or if the floor is a bit dirty
  • doesn't mind too much if the place is a bit noisy and crowded after 10 pm

If you recognize yourself in all these points, then the Kot Erasmus adventure is made for you! To apply for the Kot, it's easy: just fill the application form below and send it back to koterasmus@gmail.com to tell us a bit about yourself. See you soon ☺

Application form
Welcome word

Note from a former Kot Erasmus international student

So I lived in Kot Erasmus during the Fall semester of 2015, and it was without a doubt an amazing, fun experience that was really the highlight of my exchange in Louvain-la-Neuve. While I would recommend living in the kot, I would only recommend it to people who are really interested in participating in the life of the kot. The kot is truly meant to be like a family – you eat together, you work together, you support and love your “kot mates” and they support and love you back. It’s a phenomenal experience if this sort of thing interests you. HOWEVER, if you just want your living situation to be somewhere where you go to sleep at night and would dislike having the obligation of having to work at events that the kot organizes, then the kot is NOT for you. The Belgians take the kot extremely seriously and it would be a big disappointment to them if the international students didn’t seem interested in the project of the kot.

Kot Erasmus