Kot Erasmus Welcoming

Hello Erasmus!
(including international non-erasmus)

We at Kot Erasmus are extremely excited you are joining us this semester at UCLouvain!! 🎉

In this atypical year, we are unable to properly give you all the parties we would like to (and the ones you came for)… For now 😈

Meanwhile, we want to make you feel as welcomed as possible, helping you with coming here and more. All this starting even before you arrive!! 😋

For that to happen, we need organisation. Please fill this form to give us information about your arrival dates and how to contact you

PS. It is not mandatory! If you do not want help right now and still want to come to our possible future events, just don’t fill it. 💪

PPS. We would still like to help you, though. 🥺


Avenue du Ciseau 22,
Louvain-la-Neuve, 1348