Belgian expression



Non peut-être ! Yes, of course ! (remark: this expression doesn't make any sense)

Kot (verb: koter)

Belgian word for student accommodation
Cokoteur/cokoteuse Flatmate
Ketter To have sex (proverb: "Qui kote kette")
Emballer quelqu'un To French kiss someone emballer
Pécho quelqu'un Kiss someone (or more...)
Ramener quelqu'un To bring someone to your kot after a party to have sex. -18
Marche de la honte Literally: shame walk. When you slept over at someone else's place and you go back home the next morning. shame
Baraki (stronger: baraki de kermesse) You'll understand at your arrival in Belgium baraki
À-fond (verb: affoner) To chug, to down a beer (usually 25cl) as fast as you can
Pif Paf (or Touf Touf) 2 à-fonds in a row
Pif Paf Pouf (or Tritouf) 3 à-fond in row. It can be extended to more than 3 à-fonds.
Example: Quadritouf = 4 à-fonds in a row
"On s'affonne ?!"; "On claque ?!" Proposition to chug afond
Lancer un à-fond To pronounce the sentence launching an à-fond.
Example: "Au ro de zéro, 3 2 1 zééééro !", "À main, à bouche, à cul nomdidjeu"
Gletter Spill beer on yourself during an à-fond. ⚠ This is not allowed.
Estafette Competition of à-fonds between 2 teams
Guet-à-pintes When you're trapped by your friends and you have to drink
Guindaille (verb: guindailler) Belgian student party guindaille
"Pas de charrette !" You must hold your drinks in only one hand during a guindaille. For instance, if you're caught with a beer in each hand, someone can yell "Pas de charrette !" to you and you'll have to chug the beer in one of your hands.
Gueule de bois Hangover
Cercle Association composed of students from the same faculty. Each cercle has a bar, organizes hazings as well as the trial to obtain the calotte*.
Example: Cercle Industriel (CI)
Régionale Similar to a cercle, except that it's made up of students coming from the same city/region of Belgium regio
Comitard Member of the organization committee of a Cercle or a Régionale
Baptême/bleusailles Hazing organized by Cercles and Régionales
bLEU Fresher
Gueule en terre (GeT) Favorite position of the bLEU GeT
Tablier de guindaille (informal: Tablard) Lab coat worn by bLEUs who passed the baptême when they go out. It's forbidden to wash it. tablard
Calotte Student hat obtained after a special secret ceremony called "Corona". The badges of a calotte form a true student ID card. Never hesitate to ask a student to explain the meaning of the badges of his/her calotte, he/she will be more than happy to do so. calotte
Casa Most famous place to go out in Louvain-la-Neuve casa
GSM Belgian word for cell phone gsm
Blocus Studying period of two weeks before the exams
"Il drache !" It's raining heavily drache