Erasmus Book

During the last party of each semester, we give to the Erasmus students the opportunity to write a small word about their experience in Belgium and our activties in our "Erasmus Book"

You'll find below a selection of what they wrote.

I had an awesome time in Belgium ! Thanks to kot Erasmus I'll never forget it. Hope to come back one day !
With love
This is the best kot ever. I spent amazing nights here, I drank so muck beer and met the best people ! Love you and will miss u all ♥
La meilleure kot qu'il puisse exister, pleine de diversité et de rencontres inoubliables !! Puissent les soirées perdurer dans cet espace fait pour ! Que la force soit avec vous...
Merci pour l'hospitalité ! L'ospitalità è sacra !!! May your sword be sharp and your tongue sharper. Turn on, tune in, drop out !!!
??? ☮
Thank you for bringing us together and giving us the chance to have fun "internationally" ! You rock
Lasciate ogni speranza voi ch'entrate.
La patria sarà nostra quando tutti saranno stranieri
Grazie per quest'anno
Nacho & Antoine, les meilleurs, les plus gentils, les plus souriants, siete i nostri cuori
Flauti, la nostra stella ♥
Lavi e Cami
Ciao a tutti. Siete brutti ♥
We love you ! Never forget you !
Yannick & Jim
Osti de calisss de Tabarnak !
Sam, Julien & Simon
Μαλάκας !
Que bien besas, Tomás !
Best Erasmus ever ! Best kot ever ! I love you guys ♥
Erasmus Louvain-la-Neuve 2016-2017 INOLVIDABLE
Ελλάδα ! ♥
Κατερινα & Χριστινα
Kot Erasmus es la vida y su gente mejor
Thanks for everything. Had some crazy nights here.
Dammi mille baci e cento e mille ancora...
The best one year of my life and I met everyone in this kot. Thank you guys ♥
Soirées au kot Erasmus ! Always in my ♥ ☺
Visca el kot Erasmus
Ici, je suis chez moi. Merci, je vous aime ♥
I've lived the best year of my life here. Thanks, kot Erasmus
I used to love you but I'm sad now
Kot Erasmus, siempre en mi corazón ☺
Kot Erasmus es lo mejor que ha pasado en esta vida
Kot Erasmus, le fieste piu belle con la gente piu bella
En este momento, estamos borrachos
I can't forget you, kot Erasmus ! A lot of people met here ! ♥
Ciao siamo Lorenzo e Flauti,
Tutto è giunto alla fine,
Belgi ... che dire... birra, birra, birra, birra, birra, birra, birra,... bi... r... ra.
Nous sommes toujours bourrés !
Flauti & Lorenzo