You have the opportunity to buy a bedding kit (at the beginning of the semester) or a sweater or a cap from kot Erasmus. Beside the fact that this will make you a cool souvenir to bring back home, the money we earn from these sales will then be used to finance our activities.

Bedding Kits


Description : bed sheet, duvet, duvet case, pillow, pillowcase.

Price : 55 €


Beside our bedding kits, we also offer you the possibility to buy a kot Erasmus cap or sweater in order to be well equipped to go out and also to bring home a souvenir of your exchange in Louvain-la-Neuve.


sweater_front sweater_back

Description : You'll discover that Belgian students have a particular dress code when they go out to "guindailler". With this warm and comfortable sweater, you will thus be super fancy to dance and chug (= "affonner") beers at the Casa.

Price : 20 €


cap 1 cap 2

Description : Some people might have told you that Belgium was a rainy country when you never see the sun and... well... there's a part of truth in this. But who cares ?! You don't wear a cap to protect you from the sun but to be cool. And our wonderful caps (available in 4 colors) are definitely super cool ☺.

Price : 4 €